Food facts


of global
greenhouse gas emissions
thrive from the food system.


of all
restaurant food in Finland
goes to waste.

litres of water
is required to produce
1 kilo of beef.

what it´s all about

Sustainable Meal helps restaurants and event producers to plan and execute more sustainable food services and communicate sustainability of meals to their customers.


Sustainable Meal was originally developed for passion of fresh good food. In Finland the food sector is heavily influenced by two major oligapolies. These monsters push producers to even less sustainable production methods in order to gain more profit, in the expense of farmed animals and food nutrition values. We all know this is happening across the globe. But how to stop it? By nagging at mixed eaters? By entering food embargos from certain producers? No. By creating Sustainable Meal. Sustainable Meal is dedicated to green values with positive angle. SM at it's best equals to uber fresh, highly nutritional and funky food. Lets do this together, Planet Earth deserves it!

We have had a lot of help from our community, friends and relatives. A huge thank you goes to Flow festival ( for giving us a change to pilot our project already in 2015. Back in those days myself and co-founder Elina Levula, we were asked to give an assigment in an Aalto university course called Sustainable Product and Service Design. In our guidance the brilliant Aalto students (Pia Sissala, Saara Jolkkonen, Tsui-Fan Tseng, Mirka Kolehmainen and Elina Voipio) helped us in designing and currating the project. A special thank you goes to Mr. Markku Törhönen for investing loads of your personal time in developing the financial side of SM during the Demos project. Sami Tallberg, Mika Yliluoma, Antti Tuomola, Mikko Lehmuskallio –Im blessed with having such value driven food experts to turn to for help!

Let’s make the planet liveable for our children. We have already destroyed our share.


FLOW 2017 is here. Sustainable Meal is proud to be a part of this A-MA-ZING festival for the third year in a row. Our aim is still Crystal clear: to ensure the supply of tasty sustainable food in Europe’s top event. Its been a privilege to work with the Flow organization, to be able to develop fresh new meals for the event with top restaurants in Finland and to learn from dedicated sustainability professionals, like Antti Tuomola. Thank You All.

This year we have 18 restaurants offering Sustainable Meals at Flow. Last years Sustainable Meal -competition winner Gold&Green Nordic is sure to be there along with interesting newcomers like Grön and Roots.

We hope to see you all at the festival grounds in Suvilahti Helsinki 11th-13th August. If you made the correct decision to do so, be sure to participate in the Sustainable Meal -competition @ Flow 2017 in Instagram #flowfood, to win your own tickets for Flow 2018!

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